2020 Design Trends

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With the start of a new decade, many changes are taking place. In regards to design trends, 2010 brought white kitchens, clean lines and minimalistic decor. Now, there’s a shift to older, more rustic looks. While these trends may not peak until later on, now is the ideal time to start working with sellers to prepare their house for new buyers filtering into the market. This includes many Gen X buyers who are starting to reach the age when they’re thinking about homeownership. Here are some of the top design trends to look for in 2020.


In 2010, white kitchens were all the rage. In fact, according to interior design company Houzz, nearly 40 percent of homeowners are still installing white cabinets during their renovations. If you are part of this group, you may want to wait. Wood cabinets are projected to make a comeback this decade, as the rustic look has become more appealing. Similarly, rather than sticking with a white palette, muted tones like grays and blues are catching buyers’ eyes. If you are more bold, though, Classic Blue, which is a shade of navy, is the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year. Kitchen decor is also making a reappearance, moving away from the minimalist design. The idea is to make the space feel like another room in the home, rather than a sterile environment for preparing meals. By hanging artwork or displaying their favorite dishes with an open-cabinet design, you will be able to showcase the room as a warm, welcoming space.

Living Room

According to NAR, staging the living room was found to be the most important for 47 percent of buyers. Focus on vintage accents and more natural touches. Both vintage art and furniture are making their way back into this decade. Antique art that has a story to tell can be a great focus piece for potential buyers. In addition to this, furniture from the 1800s and early 1900s are also trending. Incorporating a couple of statement pieces, such as an apothecary table or secretary or spooled-leg table, can create the perfect balance.

Adding natural touches is also a great way to keep up with the times without spending a fortune on staging. While plants can add a relaxing ambiance to any living room, the sophisticated olive tree is expected to become popular this decade, replacing the more dramatic fiddle leaf fig or gaudy ficus. 

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Warmth and comfort seem to be a recurring theme throughout these new trends. In the bedroom, while neutral color schemes are still expected to continue, consider a warm color palette for home decor. A coral-colored throw or ochre rug can enhance the room without going overboard. Comfortable, cozy fabrics are also on the rise and can help potential buyers imagine themselves curling up in the room with a good book.

Hopefully, these top trends of 2020 should help guide in the right direction for any redecorating in the coming months!


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