Secure Your Home by Placing Quality Locks

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Burglary is a common threat to homes in Wisconsin, but can be decreased with precautionary measures. Burglaries seem like a random occurrence, but unfortunately there is a selection process is simple. Burglars tend to choose an unoccupied home with easy access.

Affordable measures can be taken to decrease the chances of your home from being burglarized such as placing quality locks, doors or re-keying your locks.

Using high-quality Grade-One or Grade-Two locks on exterior doors to resist attempts at twisting, prying or lock picking. A heavy-duty knob-in-lock set with a dead-latch mechanism would be essential to apply. A durable deadbolt lock with a one-inch throw-bolt could add extra protection from a forced entry. Applying a sturdy door for all entrances with a 160 degree peep-hole placed about 58 inches is also vital.

A high-security strike plate is an aspect that is needed when constructing a door. Strike plates are frequently weak and a design flaw; leaving entry-ways vulnerable when constructing a door.

Homes are usually burglarized during the daytime when most people are at work or school. Your home is considered a place where you should feel safe, so protecting it from a criminal intrusion should be high on your list.

Have more questions about locks and home security? Contact your Shorewest, REALTOR if you need help with any home security issues.

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